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Mobile : 9659392525 / 9677656415
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Red Cresent Foundation Welcomes You

RED CRESCENT FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization founded by Dr.S.IBRAHIM SHERIFF., with a vision to uplift the oppressed and less privileged community through strategic development initiatives and thus uphold human dignity and social values

RED CRESCENT FOUNDATION is committed to relieving the suffering of these innocent lives, and continues to send food.


  • »To strive to serve the poor ,physically ,mentally and socially handicapped persons of all age groups
  • » To provide free rehabilitation treatment like Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and speech therapy for Physically challenged peoples
  • »To up gradation of backward class community and their life and create awareness among the community through Education and Awareness programmes
  • » Health Education to the rural and urban women


  • »Free education to poor students
  • »Free physiotherapy treatment for Mentally retarded & CP children
  • »Conducting free-eye camps
  • »Organizing diabetes and promoting awareness
  • »Conducting blood-donation camps
  • »Conducting general health camps and promoting education support to poor children needy people.


  • You can send in an email, call up or write to Relief India Trust if you are interested in donating to us.Make a Donation
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